The full cost of the Graduate Mentorship Program is $4695

Deposit: A deposit of $500 holds a student's spot.  This deposit is refundable minus a $50 handling fee up to the week before class starts.  After that the deposit is non-refundable.
Note: Repeat students must have the entire tuition of $950 paid by May 23, 2014. No discounts apply for repeat students.
Note: New students may apply a discount for 25% of any course of Sharon’s you have taken through ProD or the Knotty Diseases Course. To receive the discounts you must send receipts for your purchase (s) with this contract.
Note: Make all checks payable to Sharon Weizenbaum
Option 1 - Pay in FullPay in full by the first day of class receive a $200 discount for doing so.  The total amount you will pay on the first day is $4495 minus your deposit and any other discounts that apply. 
Option 2 – Short Term Payment Plan
A. After the initial $500 deposit make 3 payments as. $50 administrative fee is added to this plan.    
1. Due May 23, 2014.  $1415     
2. Due September 12, 2014. $1415
3. Due, November 21,2014. $1415 
B. Pay by paypal and pay the following amounts on time after the $500 deposit to cover their fees:
1.Due May 23, 2014: $14402.
2. Due September 12, 2014: $14403.
3. Due November 21,$1440

Option 3 –Long Term Payment Plan: This plan breaks the payments down into monthly payments for the length of the program.. There is a $150 charge for this plan (this is about 2.8% which is much cheaper than a credit card!). These payments must be set up to be automatic payments from your bank.