White Pine Healing Arts

Graduate Mentorship Program


Sharon Weizenbaum

Basic Purpose of the Course

White Pine Healing Arts is offering a two-year graduate mentorship program for those students and practitioners who have completed foundational Chinese herbal training. This course is taught by Sharon Weizenbaum and involves students in a community of practitioners, steady contact and in depth involvement with the material and resources over two years.  The foundation of the course is diagnosis.  The reason for this is that most of our education involves learning techniques, herbs and formulas while not emphasizing our ability to see and synthesize the key diagnosis that can unlock the knots of disharmony.  We learn to gather information from our patients through a variety of methods - touching, asking, seeing, hearing etc. - but how do we process this information so it leads us to very clear and effective treatments?  When our diagnosis is clear and well articulated, determining the correct treatment follows rather seamlessly.  Proper diagnosis is also our best way to insure safety in our work.  When we are confident that our diagnosis is correct, we can easily stand behind stronger and more focused methods, herbs and formulas.  It is for this reason that, during the first weekends of the Graduate Mentorship Program, the focus is on diagnostic skills.

The diagnostic skills we learn involve first grounding ourselves in what we know with certainty.  This means learning to identify and avoid common habits that throw us off track and get us into our heads.  Often we can use our minds to create a convincing story about the diagnosis and yet it is completely off track.  How do we know when we are off track?  This is what we will learn and practice.  We will also learn a systematic method for integrating abdominal diagnosis, pulse, body type and presentation. Articulating a diagnosis, whether in terms of Zang Fu and disease factors (such as Yin deficiency, Qi stagnation etc.) or in terms of Shang Han Lun key symptom presentations is essential to matching the diagnosis to an appropriate herbal formula.  However, in addition to articulating the diagnosis, we will learn to "see" the pattern and the key aspect to address in order to best begin to unravel the disease process.  We want to feel the accuracy of our diagnosis in our gut as well as to be able to easily explain what it is and how we came to it.

After developing the skills and beginning to work these skills into our clinical realities, we bring this to a variety of areas of medicine. We begin with an over view of Shang Han Lun dynamics.  This text and the formulas within this text describe the complete cycle of Yang dynamics - which is the dynamic movement of the life force itself.  Understanding the structure of this text is essential for a Chinese herbalist as this structure is a map of the physiology of human beings as well as the cosmos at large. Once this is grasped, the formulas make sense on an entirely different and much more functional level.  So much of Chinese medicine falls into place once these dynamics are understood.  From here we go on, and after deepening our understanding of the spirit and emotional disorders, we move into and study women's health.  This section is particularly in depth covering menstrual illnesses of all kinds, vaginal and breast issues and fertility.  From fertility we move to pregnancy, labor and postpartum issues.

Other areas we bring our new found diagnostic expertise to are colds, flues and respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, pain disorders and cancer support.  You will get very good at treating these issues.


  1. The live classes take place on four 3-day weekends each year - 2 in the fall and 2 in the spring - for two years.
  2. Live classes can be attended or streamed live from anywhere in the world.  You simply need a good internet connection and a computer.
  3. Classes are recorded with audio and video available for studying in between classes.
  4. Studying in between classes occurs in a structured way.  Students receive weekly assignments that include listening to parts of the previous lecture, doing exercieses in your clinical practices, working with downloadable flash cards and completing short writing assignments.  Weekly assignments are NOT overwhelming and will involve 1-2 hours a week of work.  These are designed to keep you involved with the material, me and the other students in a structured way.
  5. Optional articles are given to students before each class to prepare students for the class.
  6. Handouts are available for each class in a very organized form, complete with table of contents.  Handouts for each weekend can be organized into a notebook that will be used as a clinical reference for years to come. In the end you will have 8 large notebooks.
  7. Tuition for the Graduate Mentorship Program includes access to the White Pine Institute student library.  This library is rich with resources such as first rate Chinese medicine journals and back issues, subscriptions to other member only sites such as Classical Chinese Medicine, Hun Yuan Research Institute and World Acupuncture.
  8. A discussion forum is set up that is exclusively for students of the 2012 Graduate Mentorship Program.  It is here that we will discuss cases and answer questions.
  9. The newest Graduate Mentorship Program has been upgraded to include on-going integration of acupuncture concepts.

Article About the Graduate Mentorship Program 2009-2011


The objectives of this training are as follows:

  • To give students solid confidence in intake and diagnostic skills as they relate to Chinese herbal medicine.

  • To help students become fluent in the Chinese materia medica and formulary as well as in resource material.

  • To have students be skillful and developing clear, insightful and grounded treatment plans and case management skills.

  • To teach advanced studies in clinical pathology, not available in ground level programs. This includes in depth study in gynecology, including fertility, pregnancy, labor and postpartum health, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, oncology, psychology, external and internal medicine.

  • To create a community of high-level herbal practitioners who continue to be resources for each other beyond the time frame of the course through online communication and sharing.

These objectives will be met in the following ways:

  • Receiving well-organized and systematic materials to download to study in preparation for each class including step by step exercises for skill development.

  • Receiving handouts at each class that will become a valuable clinical manual.
  • Attending clinically relevant lectures on topics in pathology based on the instructors clinical experience
  • Participating in online discussion forums and sharing resources
  • Utilizing the Student Alumni Library (2 year membership included in tuition)



If you have any other questions or would like to talk with Sharon or graduates of the Graduate Mentorship Program contact

Sharon Weizenbaum


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